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Brandon (REACEYUNG) Baker was born on the North side of St. Louis on February 28th, 1988. Life as a child, in Brandon’s eyes, was rough. Every day at school, he endured cruel gestures from his peers as they called him names and made fun of his weight. Life at home was no better.  For years he watched his mother and father tear each other down, physically and verbally. He is also the eldest of four children. Thus, a lot of pressure fell on his shoulders’ to make sure his sisters were protected, all while juggling school and a social life. 

At about the age of thirteen, Brandon began writing. As a self-therapy, he began writing about things he saw at home, in his neighborhood and in his lifetime. The more and more he wrote, the more people actually stopped and listened to what he had to say. Brandon recognizes Notorious BIG as one of his biggest inspirations with his lyrical verses and big boy swagger. Other influences of Brandon’s work include Kool G Rap, Rakim, Jay-Z and oddly enough, David Ruffin of the Temptations. As an adolescent, Brandon saw an opportunity before his eyes, and took full advantage. He kept writing day after day and by the age seventeen, Brandon did away with his rough street rap lyrics, in exchange for more lyrical inspirational lyrics. Within the genre if hip hop, Brandon found his own style and sound. He classifies his style as Hip Hop, Rap, Alternative and Urban.

At the age of 14, Brandon moved from North St. Louis to South St. Louis. Shortly after, his father sent him to live in Jefferson City, Missouri, about 2 hours away, with his mother.  After making such a dramatic move from the big city, to a little country town such as Jefferson City, Brandon was able to focus more on his music and his loved ones. “Making people love hip-hop again”, is one of Brandon’s motives; “I want to touch peoples’ soul with my music”, he says. Aiming high is what keeps him on his toes, but with all of the success he may attain, his main goal is to remain humble. Brandon has since been working on furthering himself with his music. Currently, Brandon is working on The  "The Cassette Side A that dropped April 30th (Album) set to drop in The fall of 2015 "The Cassette side B" (original Album ), which will also drop this year. Also, look out for Err Bit Of Dat, a single and No Apologizes (single).  In the future, Brandon hopes to use his music as a catalyst to allow him to give back to the community that raised him. He knows all too well about how rough it can be for children growing up in broken homes, communities and schools.




Life Is (Prod. by Blackgrits)


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